Corporate tuition

Wouldn't you want a happy, focused and healthy team on your side? By introducing Chi Kung and/or Tai Chi to the daily routine of staff, companies are providing an invaluable service and benefit to their employees and the company as a whole. It is well known that regular practice of these disciplines prevents illness and speeds up recovery time which will save your company money on 'temps', work backlogs and angry clients. Additional benefits to the regular practice of Chi Kung include increased concentration, stress management and an improvement in the morale of staff. The benefits to the corporate environment can only be obvious.

The gentle exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels. As the practice of Chi Kung doesn’t require much space and is done standing, it is ideal for training groups of people and makes a perfect health routine for the office or outdoor excursions. There are no special wardrobe requirements other than the wearing of comfortable clothing. Depending on the surface area, employees can wear comfortable, flexible shoes or can practise barefoot.

Team building events

A team building event or workshop is the perfect opportunity to introduce an easy and manageable health routine to staff. Chi Kung is fun and immediately lifts the spirits of the participants. Various 'two person' exercises can also be done to get staff to interact and communicate. As mentioned above it is easily demonstrated to groups of people and no special environment is necessary other than to accommodate the amount of people.

Please contact me with the details of your event and company for a costing.

Right and below:
Old Mutual team building event at the Villa Via, Gordon's Bay


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