Sport and health professionals:

Chi Kung (qi gong) is also well suited for healthy people. Whether you are an athlete, gymnast, ballerina, dancer, health instructor or sport fanatic, Chi Kung will enhance your current abilities. You may feel like you are already at the top of your game or hitting a wall in your progress, but the practise of Chi Kung will take you that one step further. It will enhance your current strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance and concentration. All enviable skills. It may even help minimise injuries.

Chi Kung is often combined with Tai Chi to complement the training and enhance the benefits. For more info on Tai Chi Chuan please follow this link or view the links page.

Private lessons are well suited for people who want to make quick progress, have an interest in teaching, or have a too busy and erratic schedule for group classes. Home tuition is also available to people in the Southern Suburbs and Cape Town, City Bowl. The travel fee will be dependent on the distance to your home.

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