Remedial treatments and tuition:

Chi Kung
has the incredible ability to help the body recover from various injuries or illnesses, sometimes even quite serious ones; whether it be heart or lung problems, diabetes, recovery from stroke, immune system related illnesses or recovery from accidents or surgery etc. In the context of a private lesson, the tuition is designed around each patients needs and ability. Various joints, muscle groups, organs and illnesses can be targeted by the assisted practice of set exercises. Progress can be monitored and exercises adjusted as progress is made.

Chi Kung is so much more than just normal exercise. e.g. In the case of an overweight person various organ and body functions get damaged over time as can be seen with resulting diabetes, heart and digestive problems, damage to the knee joints, depression etc. Therefore the problem is far more than just weight-loss. Sudden extreme exercise places strain on the already weakened body and organs and can cause further damage. Chi Kung on the other hand not only provides the necessary safe exercise to loose weight but also addresses the afore mentioned problems by harmonizing and strengthening the organ function.

Treatments can also be supported with Chinese therapies such as acupuncture, moxibustion or Chinese massage, as known as 'Tui-Na'.

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